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Dear EPSC Presidents, Council Reps and Ski trip Coordinators,
As you all probably know, EPSC is coordinating the first National Inter-Club Winter Carnival (ICWC) this year in Breckenridge, CO.  Many EPSC Clubs are participating along with clubs from other parts of the country.  This event will provide a unique opportunity for your members to meet skiers from many clubs around the country which should be fun.
Many of your clubs are already participating directly in the ICWC 2018 and are running trips for your clubs to this event.  That is fantastic!!  I know a number of clubs have already either filled their trips or nearly filled their trips. As in the past, we are also offering an EPSC Melting Pot trip option for people from clubs who are not participating directly in the trip and for people from clubs who may have already filled their trip.  EPSC will try to help all the clubs fill their trips as a priority but there is always a number of people who are not interested in going with a different club than theirs and who prefer to go with the EPSC Melting Pot group. 
Attached is a flyer that provides an overview of the EPSC Melting Pot trip and pricing.  Bob Smith and I would appreciate it if you could make this flyer and information available to your club members in case some of them may want to participate.  It would be great if you could post it on your website or in your newsletter. Additionally, if you had a small group that wanted to go, we could accommodate them in this Melting Pot group.  If your club is not running your own trip as part of the ICWC, we would request that you help promote the ICWC EPSC Melting Pot trip within your club as an option for your members if they may not want to go with another EPSC club's trip.
If you or any of your members have questions about the EPSC Melting Pot trip package or would like to sign up for the trip, please let me or Bob know.
Thank you for your help in getting this information out to all the EPSC club members.
I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!
Dave Schoneker

Council  Cup 2017

The Council Cup Race was held after a cancellation and rescheduling on Mar. 5th due to Mother Nature. 66 racers braved the unsure weather and slopes but had an enjoyabler day. If you would like to know the details, check it out under the events tab and Council Cup and Day



All details for the last race at Bear Creek Council Day are under the Events Tab.


Useful  Links

EPSC has collected a number of websites for skiers and snowboarders. Contact us if you have sites you want to add to this list.

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Labels for Membership Cards Available

If your club needs the template or the labels for your membership cards, please email the name of the club, the number of labels needed or the template and an address to send the labels for the mailing to corrsec@easternpaskicouncil.org  and you will receive the necessary information. Thank You.

Things You Should Know

Check out this area for new things happening at the Council Level that may not be on the homepage.


New for this month is the FDSC Riverfloat with pictures. If you would like to advertise something or show us what you are doing, please send your info to webmaster@easternpaskicouncil.org.Thanks


Stu Gillard Our Nordic Director is planning a Nordic trip at High Point State Park. Click on the Nordic Xcountry Skiing Tab in the Menu and check out the flyer at the bottom of his article.

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NEWS FLASH-----SOMETHING NEW AND OLD.   EPSC is reactivating the SKI COUNCIL PHOTO CONTEST.  There will be prizes for SCENIC, SKIING, SOCIAL , CLUB ACTIVITIES PROMOTING SKIING & BOARDING.   The photos selected from club activities starting 1 July 2017 to 30 APRIL 2018  and so on each year.  Photos selected will be placed in an album after judging and may be circulated around to clubs.  Winning photos will be announced @ Spring/ May meeting.  Ken Foster Photo Chair.